Arthur Miller – Marilyn Monroe Divorce

Marilyn Monroe - Arthur Miller
Marilyn Monroe – Arthur Miller

In 1961 playwright Arthur Miller and the Hollywood celebrity Marilyn Monroe were separated, soon after less than around 5 years of relationship. Arthur Miller and Marilyn Monroe’s breakup has been approved in Mexico, in which court judge signed on the divorce paper. The main reasons behind divorce are noted to be in-compatibility. It has been stated as a public talk that they had regular quarrels because of their different life styles. In those recent days before their divorce Mr. Miller and Marilyn Monroe has been working together in a most recent movie named as ‘The Misfits’, based on short story which was written by Mr. Miller, even though the couple were considered to be very rarely interactive with each other on the set.

The breakup had been legally declared in Nov-1961, and a representative during the time stated that they had been already split up. Source documents next to the couple reported Arthur Miller been in truth left Miss Monroe for German born photographer known as Inge Morath, to whom he met on the set of film ‘The Misfits’. Arthur and Monroe got married in 1956, after five years from their first met. Marilyn Monroe transformed into Judaism for her new spouse, who rose to popularity with his play “Death of a Salesman” in the year 1949, which gained the Pulitzer Award. Right after they got wedded, Arthur Miller informed to news reporters that “Marilyn will only just make one movie in every eighteen months or so, that may take her about eight weeks.” When questioned what she would do for the remaining time, he then answered, “She will be my wife. That’s a full-time job.”

The ‘Los Angeles Mirror‘, the take home edition had published about Marilyn Monroe and Arthur Miller breakup details on Friday November 11th in 1960.

Arthur Miller Marilyn Monroe
Arthur Miller Marilyn Monroe
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