Beware of the 419 Scam via Emails


The so-called “419” scam (aka “Nigeria scam” or “West African” scam) is a type of fraud named after an article of the Nigerian penal code under which it is prosecuted. It is also known as “Advance Fee Fraud” because the common principle of all the scam format is to get the victim to send cash (or other items of value) upfront by promising them a large amount of money that they would receive later if they cooperate. In almost all cases, the criminals receive money using Western Union and MoneyGram, instant wire transfer services with which the recipient can’t be traced once the money has been picked up. These services should never be used with people you only know by email or telephone!

They mostly use the phone numbers starting with the +447, +225, +229, +324… you can find more number in the link below.


Here is a conversation which I have faced myself with a scammer.

I got a reply for my quicker ad regarding realestate stating that, “I would like to purchase a land in xxxxxxx, India “.

So I sent a reply via Email providing the details about my property which is for sale. As soons as I sent a reply, I got a following mail from the scammer.


Greetings Dear,
Am sorry if this email message does not suit your business ethics. Actually i have some funds which i would want you to assist me invest in any lucrative business investment option in your country {real estate, hotel, tourism or stocks} because am aware of the rapid growing economic advancement in India at present and hence find it profitable to invest early in your country now. In lieu of that i would want you to read down as to be acquainted with details of my plans and reply me with your consent if interested to forge ahead with me in this project.

A) INTRODUCTION: My name is Dr. xxxxxx, a xxxxxxxx; i was one time CMD to Red Cross Society at Syria war incident but am presently back to my station in Dublin, UK. I need your partnership to invest the sum of $5,000,000.00 USD in any lucrative business investment option in your country {real estate, hotel, tourism or stocks} under your instructions/directives.

B) SOURCE OF THE FUNDS: The funds were accumulated from a Syrian patient who is an oil business merchant at point of his demise when i was in Syria. The funds has been secured and insured in a Bank here in UK and needs an investor who is capable and ready to invest the funds in good projects and properties.

C) WHY YOU ARE CHOSEN: I chose you to assist me invest the funds following the facts that i am only a career medical practitioner and i have no knowledge of commercial investments and for that reason, i decided to involve an expert to guide me and handle the investment directly. More so, i chose you in order to invest the funds in a good economy because am aware of your country’s rapid geometric economic growth.

D) SHARING RATIO AND PERIOD OF INVESTMENT: At the conclusion of this very Deal, you will be retaining 30% of this amount as your own share for your participation and assistance in the business while I will use the remaining 70% mine for investment purposes there in your country at your directives or in any part of the world. You will be responsible to draw investment plan as i will not be involved following my poor knowledge on investments.

E) GENERAL REMARKS: This project is 100% risk free but needs confidentiality. I need an investor who is transparent, direct, serious and dedicated. I need an investor who will represent me anywhere in this project. I will change all documents of deposit in your name as soon as you are confirmed my potential investor. If you are ready and willing to assist me invest the funds, do get back to me asap with your consent.

My particulars are as states:
*Name: Dr. xyz
*Profession: xyz Consultant
*Age: 59 years
*Nationality: Irish
*Country of resident: Dublin, Ireland
*Phone: +44701003xxxx
*In enclosed scanned attachment is my work identity proof for you to be acquainted with whom you are dealing with.

Finally, I am counting on your sense of confidentiality, as it is my desire that you keep this business to yourself. Thanks for your understanding co-operation.

I would appreciate your quick response.

Best regards,

Dr. xyz bla bla.

As soon as I receive this email I sent a genuine reply as follows..

Hello Doctor,
I have gone through your Email, I understand your concern. I am in a positive mind towards your proposal, however I need some clarifications.
My self,
I am xxxx, working as a Freelancer on development IT based products.
I have few questions in my mind,
My first question , why do you trust me?
Can we have Skype call or Google hangout session to know about each other and to exchange the plan of action?
When will you be available Online?


For the time being , I received one more reply from this guy..

Dear ABC,

I received your return email. I am happy that you are willing to assist me in this profitable venture. Is not as if i have a 100% trust on you but as a christian who has an open heart towards you, i am doing this deal with under mutual trust and confidence that you will not at anytime betray me at the successful completion of the deal. This very business Deal is 100% genuine and risk free, what I only need from you is your trust and willingness to finalize this very Deal with me, so that you will not sit or betray me at the conclusion of this very Deal. You know am doing this very Deal in an unflinching confidence and for the feasibility study of its success. Am very sorry i don’t have time for skype or google calls besides i don’t know how to do those things, i only communicate through email or phone.

At this stage, to enable us proceed with this very Deal, I will like you to provide me with the below details, so that I can through my attorney forward it to the appropriate authority for securing the necessary legalities and documents for the onward release and transfer of the fund to you from the HSBC Bank London here.

The required personal information are:
Your Full Name (surname first)………………………..
Contact Address………………………….
Private Phone number……………
Date of Birth……………………………….
Marital Status……………………………..

Feel free to ask me questions via my direct line +44701003xxxxx or email me at anytime so that we can dialogue any issue relating to building a good long lasting business relationship. Hope to hear from you soon with the needful information.

Kind regards,

Dr. xyz.


Now, I am very curious about this guy to know more and tried myself whats going on. I replied him again with some fake address details via Email.
Alright Sir,
Here we go with the details of mine below..

The required personal information are:
Your Full Name (surname first) A B C.
Contact Address
xxxxPet, MMMMM, KKKKK , my state, India. Pin : 55555.

Country : India
Private Phone number..: + ofcourse I have given my own number here.
Date of Birth.: 30-08-1984
Marital Status.: Married
Occupation.: Business.
Let me know if you need any further information..


Now I got a reply from this guy asking me about some more details and sign up an agreement.

Dear ABC,

I thank you for your mail with your detailed particulars as requested. Well, at this point I’m confident moving forward with you in this project and having you as my confident partner. My most important concern at the moment is if you could be absolutely trusted as to be entrusted with such magnitude of fund without disappearing into thin air. However, Once this fund is successfully transferred to your custody, I will board a flight with my family to your country to meet you face to face for sharing and Investments of the total fund which is $5M United States Dollars. Like i told you in one of my previous emails to you, at the conclusion of this very Deal, you will be retaining 30% of this amount as your own share for your participation and assistance in the business while I will use the remaining 70% mine for investment purposes there in your country through your directives. The fund upon approval and release from the HSBC Bank London will be delivered to you there in your country India through diplomatic means of fund dispatch which is presently the supreme safest, efficient, tax free and prompt means of fund delivery from one country to another. The diplomatic fund delivery means/channel is 100% guaranteed, all i need from you is your complete loyalty towards adhering to all my instructions as the business initiator which will help us immensely towards the actualization of this deal, whatever i tell you to do, you do it immediately without wasting time.

I will now proceed with the process of forwarding your particulars to the appropriate authority through my attorney that will officially empower you as the beneficiary to the fund for release to you and as soon as the official documents are completed in your name, i will notify you immediately to direct you on establishing communication with the paying bank, the HSBC Bank London for the release of the fund to you.

Now that we have partially reached a state of agreement to proceed as partners, I will now proceed with the needful.
Finally, I guarantee you that this business can only come to fruition if both of us co-operate and also be 100% committed to ensure a success. It is also important to note that as partners, we MUST portray good qualities of partnership which demands utmost trust and mutual confidence.

Email me and confirm your willingness to follow the instructions as I stated above. I will now proceed towards the processing of the official fund beneficiary documents in your name through my legal attorney as stated, I established contacts with you based on the fact that i can TRUST you. I do not want any involvement of a third party considering the entire situation surrounding this project. I hope you can understand all I’m trying to protect. The need for confidentiality is very important. The most important thing here and which we must ask ourselves is Can we build a long lasting TRUST? Can you TRUST me and I doing so in turn? On my own part, I don’t have a problem.

I’m looking forward to your quick response confirming the receipt of this mail and also your acceptance on adhering to all my instructions as the initiator of this business while i perfect all the required business legalities and revert back to you once the documentations are ready.

Dr. Xyz.


Now there are more doubts in my mind, what to do now , I haven’t’t replied this time.
I waited for 2 days and the time being I got one more mail.

Dear ABC,
How are you today? Hope good? I write to inform you that am still waiting to receive from you the signed agreement and your scanned ID-Proof so that they will be submitted by my attorney to the HSBC Bank London for the processing of the fund release in your favor.
I wait to read from you soon with the needful documents (signed agreement and scanned ID-Proof)
Dr. xyz.

Now, I fixed strong in my mind , why this guy is so excited to take details from me and my scanned copy of id – proof. Definitely he is going to put me under trouble, if I gave him the details and send the documents which he asked me.

I sent a reply this time with the following information..

Hello, I have not received any agreement papers from you. Can you please forward the agreement papers again? and also scanned id proof of your’s other than your work id card, and also send me your public links from where I can read more about you to know more about you.

And now , I receive this mail from the scammer stating that

Dear ABC,

There is no such thing like my public link. I am also sorry to disappoint you that i can only provide you with my work id as a form of my personal identification, every other further identification you require from me will be furnished to you via face to face meeting when i will be in your country for the investing of the fund. Due to the recent terrorist incidents occurrence around the Asia region we have come to understand that it is no more safe to divulge high priority personal particulars through online, so i believe you must understand what am trying to protect, the safety of life supersedes every other thing.

In attachment is the scanned agreement once again, download and sign it then you re-attach and submit it back alongside with any of your scanned ID-Proof so that the two documents will be submitted to the HSBC Bank London here for the immediate processing of the fund release on your favor.

I wait to receive from you the needful (signed agreement and your scanned ID-Proof) soon.


Dr. xyz.

When I google it for the more information about the phone numbers and the lawer information in the attachment I received , I was shocked. What I am doing is absolutely wrong, I don’t know even that I am dealing with a terrorist or might be a smuggler.

Here is where I found all the information regarding this kind of Emails,

So, please careful guys, and don’t respond to such kind of emails.

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