Dagudumutha Dandakor Movie Review

Dagudumutha Dandakor Movie Review – 2.75/5

Starring: Rajendra Prasad and Sara Arjun

Director: R.K Malineni

Producer: Ramoji Rao, Krish

Music director: E.S Murthy

Dagudumutha Dandakor Movie Review

Remaking films are definitely best choice to score hit. Recently super hit Tamil Saivam is said to be best film and it is remade in Telugu now where Rajendra Prasad and Baby Sara Arjun played important roles. Please check the content and working capabilities at the box-office.


Raju Garu (Rajendra Prasad) is respected by all in his village for his attitude and standards that he maintains. He lives with his granddaughter and his rest of the family lives in city. Only during summer, they come and spend quality time with Raju Garu.

The twist in the tale is that when the priest of village says that there is huge loss to Raju Garu family so they need to sacrifice a pet cock which is dear to Raju Garu and his granddaughter. Here, they are caught up. What will they do? Do they sacrifice the cock or simply ignore the priest words? Please watch the film to clear all the questions.


Rajendra Prasad is superb as a grandfather to little girl. He does not have more dialogues in this film but his expressions convey the right answers. He is ultimate as Raju Garu character. Baby Sara is also great doing with right acting skills and her acting part has helped the film to be elevated.


Dagudumutha Dandakor is a fresh script which is dealt with family values and traditions. Especially, director has focused on harming animals. Since beginning of the film, every scene is interesting and carries the mood with apt dialogues and screenplay. Director has chosen unique script to convey the message. There might not be commercial elements in this film but it is good film to have good time if you go along with family.


Making a film on backdrop of village is challenging these days as audiences got addicted to watch film on back drop of cities and metropolitan cities. Camera work is awesome and captured the beauty of the village. Music is also very decent and goes along with the script. Dialogues are neat and screenplay is perfect and there is no tedious feeling at any stage. Production values are adequate.

Final Say:

Dagudumutha Dandakor is decent family entertainer laced with traditional values. It can be watched once.

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