Dongaata Movie Review

Dongaata Movie Review – 2.5/5

Cast: Lakshmi Manchu, Adivi Sesh

Director: Vamsi Krishna

Producer: Lakshmi Manchu

Music: Raghu Kunche, Sai Karthik, Satya Mahaveer

Dongaata Movie Review


Actress and producer Lakshmi Manchu has come up with comedy thriller Dongaata which is directed by Vamsi Krishna. Raghu Kunche, Sai Karthik and Satya Mahaveer composed music of the film. Let’s take a look how the movie was shaped up.


Adivi Seshu, Madhu and Prabhakar are small time goons who want to make their lives big in a short time. Then, they planned to kidnap an actress Shruthi (Lakshmi Manchu). They do it successfully and demand 10 crore from her mother. But, after a short period of time, their plan will get disturbed. What do they do? How does she escape from them? Watch the film on big screen.


Lakshmi Manchu’s role in this film as actress is appreciable. Especially her character in second half is more interesting. Adivi Seshu is remarkable. Madhu has provided great contribution to film. Bramanandam is routine but good to watch on silver screen.


After producing whopping budget flicks like ookodatara ulikkipadatara, Lakshmi Manchu has come up with comedy thriller which has crime back drop. Director has entered into story very beginning but after a few minutes, unnecessary characters enter into script which will disturb the movie’s main theme. Second half of the film is definitely best to watch on the screen as there are required twists and turns that can provide wholesome entertainment to audiences.

Technical aspects:

Dialogues are decent and music is mediocre. Director has done good job and executed the script with care and time to provide laughs to film buffs. Screenplay was misfired at many places. Cinematography is okay and production values are fine.

Final verdict:

Dongaata is good comedy entertain and audiences can enjoy it during this summer

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