Emotional Speech by Pawan Kalyan at Jana Sena Party Inauguration

jana sena flagHe states that he don’t have a mentality like ‘bowing head’ by using the telugu words “Nee Kalmokkuta Banchan”.  That is the reason why I am in front of you apart from lots of troubles in my life journey, but we got a lot of courage enough in the heart.

He states , “To live greatly, you have to risk greatly.”

He states I am not against my brother, Chiranjeevi and says  that he don’t  have any angry upon him.

Pawan says “I  am against the congress high command sitting at Delhi who bifurcated Andhra Pradesh disappointedly, that is the reason why I am going to start a new party named ‘Jana Sena’ which stands for ‘Nee Sena’, ‘Samanudi Sena’, ‘Mana Bharatha Desa Sena’ ”.

Jana Sena Party is having 25 years of long term goal.

He says “I know how state bifurcation took place even our state is divided, this is our Telangana and Poru Telangana”.

He criticize Kavitha daughter of KCR for asking Pawan Kalyan to apologize Telangana people, he strongly said there is nothing to apology and nobody has right to demand him an apology to his beloved Telangana.

Since 2nd march when Pawan Kalyan announced that he is going to have a talk on the second week of March many allegations arise on him but he pointed all those allegations by placing them like a trash.

He is also stated that he is not a coward to show his back, Pawan Kalyan says when he has to prioritize his life and the country, he give importance to his country and society rather than his life and family.

Pawan Kalyan states that he do not have any enemies till now, and also he don’t have any support from higher political officials but with a courage and spirit he started this party to serve the nation.

Many people think that Pawan Kalyan is away from CPF (Common Man Protection Force), but he says ‘No’ that he didn’t, that CPF is now converted to ‘Jana Sena’.

He said that he met many people when he was in CPF who worked for the society and the country, mean while he learned many things and discussed with one of his friends in CPF Mr. Raju Ravi Teja from Warangal for many hours on the present politics.

He also states that he tried commit suicide once with the disappointment, where his brothers helped him by their inspiration.

Pawan Kalyan questions himself may times, is the Law only for common people?? Not for big shots??

Searching for the answer he started reading ‘Telangana Sayudha Poratam’ not like Telangana leaders for the sake of Chair and power.

I was inspired by Mr. Bhagat Singh who left his soul for future generation, and he says that he is after Bhagat Singh to take care of the country.

Regarding the Telangan issue he stated a quote as, “A problem not addressed properly turns into a crisis, and a crisis not addressed properly turns into disaster”.

Finally he concluded with a slogan “Congress Hatavo.., Desh Bachavo..”

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