Isis preparations to attack India:

Is Islamic terrorist group ISIS planning to attack India? to turn into biggest group ISIS adding Pakistan and ISI? United States of America’s news paper ‘USA Today” releases an article in this issue. The Documentary with 32 pages describes this issue that’s true.

Documentary was handover from the person who has the close connections with Pakistani Taliban groups. ISIS is making preparations to attack on India- described by USA Today. If America will form other contries support and try to attack on them… all Muslim powers are formed and war is conformed.

Retired CIA Officer Bruce readel said that ISIS planning to develop its range with attack on India. And also planning to combine all divided Pakistani Taliban groups and afghan groups to create biggest terrorist solders. They wished to form ’Khalifa’ with 100 crore Muslims trough worldwide.

White house observes all this situations. About language, words all are similar to ISIS previous released forms. But Indian intelligence not accepted these statements. We did not found any proofs that ISIS planning to attack on India till now.

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