KCR’s next target ChandraBabu Naidu…?

Revanth reddy arrested on 31st, may 2015 During the MLC elections. In meticulously planned and executed operation, Telugu Desam party MLA Revanth Reddy was trapped by Anti Corruption Bureau while allegedly trying to bribe nominated MLA Elvis Stephenson to vote in favor of TDP candidate in the Legislative council election schedule on Monday.

ACB planned and executes this operation with arrested him with proofs. After revanth reddy arrest, Media reveals the footage of revanth reddy how he make deals with MLA Stephenson. in this video he repeated several times that-‘he has limit up to 2crs, all decision made by Party Head only’ Revanth says. Then everyone that the party head is Andrapradesh state “ChandraBabu Naidu”. So everyone thinks that this deal confirmed by ChandraBabu Naidu. will need to know the remaining details regarding this issue. According to this issue Revant Reddy is a1, and Chandrababu naidu considered as a2.

TDP politicians say, Revanth Reddy arrest issue is KCR’s Trap and executed with ACB. According to this KCR’s next target is ‘Chandrababu Naidu’, everybody Expects.

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