Nuclear deal agreement Reached for IRAQ and P5+1 nation!

Vienna, July 14, 2015

Iran and p5+1 nations made nuclear deal that will curb Iran’s nuclear program and also made most economic sanctions imposed on Iron country.

In P5+1 group it is having five permanent members of the UN Security council they are China, Russia, France, the United Kingdom and United States plus Germany has discussing a draft resolution to being relaxing un sections on Iran- said unnamed official on thusday.


Commitments of Iran

•Halt production of near-20-percent enriched uranium and disable the centrifuges used to produce it.
•Start neutralizing its near-20-percent enriched uranium stockpile.
•Refrain from enriching uranium in nearly half the installed centrifuges at its Natanz site and three-quarters of centrifuges at its Fordow site.
•Limit centrifuge production to what’s needed to replace damaged machines.
•Refrain from building additional enrichment facilities and advancing research and development of enrichment.
•Refrain from commissioning, fueling or adding reactor components to its Arak reactor and halt production and additional testing of fuel for the reactor.
•Refrain from building a facility capable of reprocessing, which would allow Iran to separate out plutonium, which could be used to make nuclear bombs.

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