OMG! Whatsapp will ban in Very soon?

The famous messaging app ‘what’s app’ will go too banned soon. According to UK Express published that, Prime Minister David Cameron asked officials to ban all cross- platform messaging applications like I Message, What’s app, and Snapshot.

Cameron claimed that there is no transparency while using such Messaging apps. Government sources wanted that government wants to ban such apps as it could not read encrypted data while using what’s and others.

Uk government may take an action to ban messaging apps What’s app, I Messaging and snap chat with in two weeks. As reported” if the controversial legislation is passed in the coming weeks all three services could banned in UK.

According to security and threats Cameron speaks that” in our country, do we want to allow communication between people we cannot read?”-Answer is “no we must not”. Former prime minister Nick Clegg was saying,” we have every right to invade of terrorists and those we think want to do harm, bit we should not equate that with invading the privacy of every single person in the uk, they aren’t the same thing”.

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