Militants to blowup of Railway Track in Assam

Militants were planned to blow-up railway track at the event of Independence day Between Korajhar and Guwahati railway stations in assam. assam police and joint military has stops the plan for attack of kamtapur Liberation Organisation (KLO) militants. one KLO Militant killed in subsequent encounter between security forces and Militants. …

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Super Computer shut down:

Beijing: worlds super fast computer Tianhe-1a has shut down. Because on Thursday bomb blast held in north China, Ton-gin. For this reason 2.57 quadrillion operations finished with in seconds strength powerful computer has shut-down temporarily. this computer has placed in National Computer Centre, Titan gin, China. National Computer Centre room …

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Sharikh in Google Head quarters:

California: Last year October, bollywood badshah Sharukh khan visits Google head quarters and meet with New CEO Sundar pachay. Last year sharukh went to Washington for his movie promotion. At that time he met with pachay and chats with him up to 30 minutes. Sharukh said that-“ in my childhood …

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Robo –“Hotel’:

Do you remember will Smith’s –‘I Robo’… in this movie everything will be done with the robots! From room keeping onwards, taxi driving, shopping, police, security, and everything are doing with robots. Hollywood made lots of movies on robot concepts like …IROBO, Terminator, Transformers… In the same way…in japan one …

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