Pakistan Lady crosses border for salman khan and shahrukh khan:


Salman khan’s latest movie Bajrangi Bhaijaan got sensational successes. In this movie missing dumb girl who come from Pakistan, salman finally gives her to her parents. But in real story the girl named chanda khan who came from Pakistan came for meet his favorite actors salman khan and sharukh khan that too without visa and passport.

When the whole country was in high alert due to terrorists attack on panjab…. At the same time she reached panjab, India in subspecies manner. State police and intelligence started enquire. They relaxed with her answer-that She came for to meet his favorite heroes Salman and Sharukh.

She was hardcore fan for salman and sharukh. In the process of meet them she did not think about visa and passport. Even without train tickets she come threw sangawtha express from Karachi to New Delhi.

After that police take her into the custody and start the enquiry. In the interrogation she replied that “Meet me with my favorite heroes or shoot me”-sources said.

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