RGV Sensational Tweets about Pawan Kalyan’s recent press meet!

Indian Cinema’s most controversial director Ram Gopal Verma resounds with his Tweets regarding Pawan Kalyan’s Latest press meet regarding ‘Vote for Note’ scam. He requests and suggested pawan kalyan that please roar like Lion but not like cat.

Here are the following tweets of RGV about Pawan’s speech:

“Just saw the whole video of Pawan Kalyans speech on the cash for vote scam”

“Pawan oka gharjinche simham …simham aalochichi gharjisthe aa gharjanakardhamledhu ..ninna speechlo naakanipinchindhidhi..but p k knows btr”

“Simham ardham chesukovalsindhi simham simhamla vundali..Thana gharjanalanoni antharaardham kukkalaki explain cheyyakoodadhu”

“Simham zoolo vundhane bhramalo vunnayi kukkalu..kaani kukkalu thelusukovalasindhi simham thaluchukunte yeppudaina attack cheyyagaladhani”

“Simha gharjanalano ardham vethakatam Kukkal morugullo Logic vethakatam laantidhi”

“Simham aalochinchadhu ..kothulu aalochisthayi ..manushulu nerchukuntayi”

“Sorry pillilaaga maatlatuthondhi”

“My request to P K Simham is pleeeaase don’t be a cat..As fans we expect a Tigers Roar from u”

“All Simhams r actually big cats but a cat shud realise that it’s big cat on perception n shud not do mistake of presenting itself as a goat”

“Mekaki mokkaki theda theliyani simham Simhame kaadhu”

“I wish and hope that p k should be best at what he should be best about”

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