Robo –“Hotel’:

Do you remember will Smith’s –‘I Robo’… in this movie everything will be done with the robots! From room keeping onwards, taxi driving, shopping, police, security, and everything are doing with robots. Hollywood made lots of movies on robot concepts like …IROBO, Terminator, Transformers…

In the same way…in japan one hotel owner fully filled his hotel with all the robots. Hotel named as Hen- Na- stage.

Form receiving onwards everything will be doing with robots. Receiving, luggage transportation, room allotment and AC controlling in room, food order everything doing with the robots only.
When we reach the hotel one robot welcomes us and collects the luggage. In reception counter one lady robot collect the details from the consumer. Takes the snaps form scanner and allot the room for customers.

The customers will order through 3D manner and robots will serves what customers ordered exactly with in minutes.

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