Wiki Leaks- Leaks about Chandrababu Naidu!

Wiki leaks horrible name for Big shots. Even it has given shocks to United States of America while attacks on Iraq. Now again wiki leaks is in news.

Andrapradesh chief Minister and his government suffered with vote for note scam. Now additional shock for Ap govt. Indian Express published an article during wiki leaks expressed that Ap government bought some phone tapping equipment devices. Through an IT Consultancy decided to purchase tapping devises which is located in Hyderabad.

Wiki leaks delivered Mail conversation of Wortoz company director Prabhakar Reddy who mail to Almost 7.5 crores spent for the tapping devices- said Indian Express. After phone tapping issue ap government decided to purchase mobiles, devices and equipment to setup as soon as possible- sources said.

There is lots of companies in international marketing to tap mobiles and e-mails. To spy Terrorism some companies are buy appropriate softwares. Now these technologies are implemented in illegal activities. According to these wiki leaks delivered almost 10 lack e-mails which are illegally tapped. Chandrababu naidu’s issue also revealed as part of this.

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